Friday, May 16, 2008

. . . featured others' art

This is a photo of a painting in the Designer Showhouse that my mother, my sister and I visited yesterday. I liked it. . . but the artist was not credited anywhere that we could find . . .this one was located in the walk-in closet. . .

This painting, too, was unattributed. This was my favorite. It was sitting on a ledge in the master bedroom shower. I assume that it will not have a permanent home there.

This picture shows my mom and my sister relaxing by the pool at the showhouse. (Aren't they "jorgeous"?) We specifically liked the deck chairs. . . they were comfortable, but I would want to have ottomans or something to put my feet on.

My sister's office is on the second floor of a block of charming buildings, with shops at street level. Many of these shops have been or are in the process of becoming galleries. The Collective Art Gallery was featuring monoprints and mixed media by Pat Nobo. The above scan is of Pat's card announcing the opening of the show. We then had lunch at a local restaurant, out on the patio. We all had to drive and/or go back to work, so we skipped the chocolate martinis for diet Cokes.

The showhouse itself was actually no bigger than my house, and the only knock-out part of it was the kitchen, which featured appliances from Gaggenau and Bosch. Quartz, soapstone and granite countertops. . . numerous sinks. . . wine storage. . . numerous ovens and microwaves. . .pull-out skinny pantry shelves. . . a table made from the trunk of tree that had been cut down from the backyard. . . things I have never seen before and things I wouldn't even know how to use. . . estimated cost $100,000. That would buy a whole lot of art supplies.

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Anonymous said...

Hadn't visited lately, read everything from May 10th forward.
I thought of Dad on Saturday also, didn't know if you did or not. Wondered if that was the reason for mothers illness. I don't think I have ever witness so much emotion in your writing, I was and am the sappy one and will cry at the drop of a hat, you were alway so much stronger.
You are also much sneaker than me, when did you take those pictures? especially the one in gallery below my office.
It was a nice day, the designer house was OK, something different, lunch was wonderful. I'm glad you came.
I do have another box full of Crate and Barrel stuffing, will bring it up soon.
Keep me posted on your upcoming reunion, even if you don't go, you will hear all about it.
Love you