Tuesday, May 13, 2008

. . . prepared three canvases

. . . small ones (11 x 14), all based on photos of the old church bus in the used car lot. This shows the preliminary washes and glazes, as well as the odd way I paint: flat, on unstretched canvas, on a sheet of 2" pink foam insulation board set up on sawhorses. The canvas is stretched and pinned to the foam. See the blue tape. . . as long as it's sticky, I'm using and reusing it.

Here's a shot of my mother's day gift from my sister: square bubble wrap, regular bubble wrap, and some stuff I've never seen before, a stretchy paper substance. When stretched out, it forms diamond shapes, and when relaxed, it has great texture. Cool stuff, and she says she has more stashed, as does her friend Terri. I love that they know I want this stuff and save it for me.

Ran an errand for my daughter yesterday morning to a huge law firm in the Crown Center area. Oh, I am so glad that I don't work in that atmosphere any more. I only worked for one huge firms over the years; all the rest were small boutique firms. I wasn't really prepared for the office politics in the large firm, and I didn't like it much. The office politics in my basement studio are much easier to handle.

Charged up the IPOD yesterday, too. I'm doing something wrong, because I haven't figure out how to load music into it yet. It shouldn't be difficult; something's amiss. I guess I need a ten-year-old to figure it out for me.

My baby Joe is coming to spend the day with me. Poor little guy, came down with an ear infection while they were in DC and had to visit urgent care there. He's such a trouper, though. Even when he's not feeling well, he's a delight. I hope we can spend some time outside. . . he loves it.

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