Friday, May 30, 2008

. . . experimented with portraits

Yesterday was an interesting day. First, someone asked me if I had ever thought of doing abstract portrait collages using children's pictures and some of my other photographs. Well, no, I hadn't thought of that at all actually. Her suggestion was that I hook up with a popular area family and children's photographer and create such collages for the photographer to present to as part of a package.

I told her I would experiment with pictures I had of Joe and/or Betsy and show her the results. In truth, these first two collages kind of creep me out. . . I don't like that Joe's little face is splattered with what looks like some kind of skin disease.

However, I kind of like this last one. I highlighted a black and white with color at the nape of Joe's neck, which I think is just one of the sweetest places on a baby. I will show my friend these pictures, but if I really were going to do this, I believe I would only do full body shots as opposed to faces.

Second: I had been invited to show my art at an open house affair, which was a good thing. But I had no idea until yesterday that the host company was promoting this as a event highlighting successful businesswomen who provide goods and services particularly of interest to other women. There are ten other women involved in this enterprise, including a personal assistant/shopper/home organizer, a Mary Kay consultant, a Silpada sales rep, the owner of a garden store, a handbag lady, a florist, a chiropracter, an interior design firm, etc., and me, the only artist. We will each give away a prize worth $50. I have a great display area, with plenty of wall space, as well as a long credenza. The women I met with yesterday are ON IT. . . no kidding, they are smart, successful, full of good ideas for promoting their businesses. I know when to keep quiet. . . so I just absorbed the knowledge that was being passed around. I am really looking forward to this event. The networking potential is great; I am so bad at promoting myself. Maybe I can get them to do it for me.

I'm thinking I will create a bunch of ATCs as give-aways, perhaps from my abstract photos. If anyone has a suggestion on a way to show off my canvases that are not stretched, I would appreciate hearing from you. Any other ideas of whatever sort would also be appreciated. Now I have something to work toward. . . perhaps I'll get off my ass and get to work.


thealteredpage said...

Congrats on being part of the show. It sounds like it will be a very exciting adventure.

Mary Buek said...

Seth, I don't know about very exciting, or even how successful I will be, but it's certainly better than having my art sit around in my basement. I'm looking forward to it.