Thursday, May 29, 2008

. . . quit being lazy

quite possibly the laziest human alive. That's how I feel these days. I'm too busy to make art, yet I do nothing. Oh, I don't just sit. . . in fact, I rarely just sit. I'm always doing something. . .

but I don't have much to show for it. I will pull weeds in the garden, and I think that the porch needs to be cleaned and painted. I think this at least ten times a day. . . so why don't I just paint it?

Work expands to fit the time available. I must think I have unlimited time, because may favorite thought is, oh, I'll do it later. I was much more focused and organized when I worked at my outside-the-home job.

The computer can be my biggest time waster. I still enjoy looking up things on the internet, and can't believe the information that is available at the point-and-click of a button. I will look up words I don't recognize, places I read about, theories I have never really understood. . . which leads to other sites, always ending up at art sites. Damn those links.

These pictures are Picasa collages of some of my photographs combined with the scanned paper towel refuse art. The peony pictures almost look like fabric. Just another way to stay "busy".


Martha Marshall said...

Mary, I can completely identify. And I too worked at a day job for so many years now that it's difficult to keep working on projects without a deadline. Some of mine still do have deadlines, but usually even those are self-imposed.

I've now put off so many things until "later" that there are unfinished (or unstarted) projects everywhere.

Like that book, for one!

Martha said...

I understand . . . I have to have structure or else I find that my days float away!


Mary Buek said...

Martha M: You know I'm waiting for that book. . .

Martha @ Linderhoff: "Float away" is exactly right, that's what my days do.