Monday, May 5, 2008

. . . created another collage

This one is perhaps more obviously made from the blue painters' tape. I think I will purposely paint my edging tape from now on. Or be even more sloppy than usual so that the tape ends up as colorful as the original painting. Very little thought went into the creation of these two pieces. It was just a lot of fun. I will mat them in black and frame them in the small simple frames I have on hand and hang them in my house in out-of-the-way places so that people will come upon them unexpectedly. Don't you love to wander through a place and find something surprising in a surprising place? I am looking forward to another creative and productive week. Having Betsy with me on Saturday has made me very aware of how self-absorbed I have become. . . or maybe "self-absorbed" in not the correct word. Perhaps I have just learned how much I have become accustomed to having my time be my own, my schedule (or lack thereof) being set by my needs. My kids have been out of the house for about ten years, more or less, and I haven't had a real day job in almost six years. It took a long time to get used to not being driven by the needs and requirements of other people. But that freedom is also one of the best things about getting older.


Gail P said...

Just literally stumbled into your marvelous blog! Stellar art!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring pieces!

Mary Buek said...

Gail, glad you stumbled and hope you come back often. Thanks for the compliment.

berto said...

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