Friday, February 27, 2009

. . . used collage elements

in this painting. The yellow, blue and red geometric figures are handmade papers from my collaging binge. Lots of circles, dots, round things. I am loosening up a little here, but as I remember, still a bit rusty and unsure of myself. It is a bright and cheery 33 x 33"" painting despite the black background.


Margaret said...

All these people who make their own paper are making me feel very lazy! As you can see from my post today I just go out and buy paper and then forget the name of it.

This piece is looking good Mary. I answered the question you posted on my site and gave you a reference to check out(just in case you didn't check back).

Mary Buek said...

Margaret, I did check back and read the link you provided. Thank you for doing that. I will just have to experiment and see what happens with all the various methods of image transfers.