Saturday, February 7, 2009

. . .took artsy pictures

but just a few . . . it was a very nice but windy day in Kansas yesterday, as the babies and I went south to visit family. We all took a walk after lunch, then went to the Post Office and the library.

Here's Joey, perched on a cool rusty thing of some sort,

and here's Betsy carrying the mail for us.

The fastest way to get to my hometown is to go south on I-35, which I think is an interstate highway that extends from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, so it's a pretty busy road with lots of truck traffic. For the last twenty years or so, we have been watching a place on the west side of that highway just inside Miami County . . . it's a salvage yard that has been growing steadily, said to have reached 20 acres now. There are no fences around it, and it is full of buses, semis, and tons of other equipment, no cars, all beautifully rusted out. About a year ago, we got off the interstate and found the place, but it was marked with "no trespassing" signs (which wouldn't necessarily stop me) and the ground was so wet and muddy that I couldn't get very far into the place. I heard on the local news that authorities reached an agreement with the owner last week to have the salvage yard dismantled and removed. While it is definitely an eyesore, I regret that it won't be there much longer. I need to get out there and take some pictures before it's gone forever.


Miki Willa said...

The kids are beautiful. It sounds like you had a lovely time traveling and taking photos. I love the colors in the top photo. You have a great eye.

Mary Buek said...

Mikie: Thank you. Yes, the kids are definitely beautiful, but then, they're mine, so of course I would think so.

Jazz said...

Beautiful young stuff (the kids) and beautiful old stuff (the rusted hulks in the salvage yard).

A perfect day.

Mary Buek said...

Jazz: Thank you, that was pretty neat: old stuff and young stuff.