Wednesday, February 11, 2009

. . .loved this wheel

the shape, the rust, the dirt, the markings, and most of all, the soda can stuck smack in the middle of it. I must say my companions on this outing thought I was pretty weird taking pictures of junk.

I keep forgetting to tell this story, so, for lack of anything fresh and new to relate today, I will now. Back a few days ago, shortly after I had posted my 365th blog posting, I received a email. It was from Kathleen Sebelius, the governor of the State of Kansas. The reference line read something like "It's been quite a year. . ."

This is not the first email I had ever received from Ms. Sebelius; and there are a couple of very tenuous personal connections between us. . . very very tenuous. I do receive a Christmas card from the Sebelius family every year. . . but I always thought it was because I contributed a small amount to her election campaign six years ago. Rarely do I read the emails from her office, because I expect them to be requests for additional campaign contributions.

However, this time, my mind being full of one year of blog postings, I thought, "Oh, my god, she reads my blog." Not totally out of the realm of possibility, right? Feeling pretty flattered, I opened the email. Imagine how foolish I felt when I found that it was a report on the State of the State address she had just presented. Too bad, because now I hear she may be nominated for President Obama's cabinet. Wouldn't that have been sweet. . . the Secretary of whatever reading my blog.


Jeane said...

great photo Mary!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Send her a link; she just doesn't know she needs to read your blog!

Carol Wiebe said...

I think Leslie is onto something, Mary. We artsy types should be sending politicians our links. It would give them a different perspective of the world out there, a more colorful, delightful, BEAUTIFUL perspective. Not weird, no, never that. A rusted wheel with a pop can in it is NOT something only another artist could understand . . .

Wildeve said...

Mary, I think she should read your blog. She is really missing out on something special. The wheel is cool.

Mary Buek said...

Thanks, Jeane. I don't know how you have time to look at my stuff, you are so busy.

Leslie: Reading my blog probably would have no political expediency. She sure can't get any more campaign contributions from this starving artist.

Carol, heaven knows the politicians needs some kind of different perspective. Actually it wouldn't hurt for them to tap into their own creative streaks to solve the country's problems. Politicians would probably look at this picture and bail out the tire industry or the aluminum can industry.

Thanks, Eve. I've been wondering about the person that stuck that can on the wheel. I wonder what they were doing... creatively disposing of a recyclable object? Or just lazy? Random act of subversion?