Wednesday, February 25, 2009

. . . had to wait

until later today to take more pictures of my art, because it's supposed to be about 65 degrees today and I can take them outside and try to get some good shots. I decided after yesterday's post that I don't want to put up crappy pictures of my art anymore. So, with luck, I'll have some tomorrow. In the mean time, I was browsing through my stash of digitals and found this screw. Seems appropriate under the circumstances. The photo probably should be cropped a bit off the top to omit the shadow, but I like the colors, texture, and of course, the rust. I took this photo back in April 2008, on a walking trail over which construction crews were building a bridge. This is from one of the pieces of equipment on the site.

Yesterday was a good day: I was treated to lunch by Toni, a good friend from my working days; then a meandering drive from downtown to the Plaza; a visit to Barnes & Noble to kill time, and then the appointment to have my hair done. I'm blond again, sort of, and a lot less shaggy. Another slow meandering drive home with a stop at Marshall's, where I purchased a pair of blue yoga pants, which are apparently a somewhat dressier version of sweatpants, for $9.99. I will wear those in place of all the other pairs of sweat pants that are splattered with paint when I have to venture out into the real world. I do wish someone would invent something to remove acrylic paint stains. I could triple my current presentable wardrobe without buying anything but that stain remover. (While we are on the subject of things I wish someone would invent, how about a strong clear tissue paper???)

Hope everyone has a great day. Go make some art.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love the shadow in this photo! I only wear paint clothes at home. At any moment I could decide to just dab on a bit of paint, and there goes the whole outfit.

Jazz said...

Personally, I quite like the shadow in that picture.

A rambling rose said...

Like Leslie and Jazz I too really like the shadow - lovely image! Good luck with photographing your work - looking forward to you posting it! How great to have had such a relaxing 'bit of everything'kind of day.

Jazz said...

I got home today and what d'you think was sitting on the dining room table? An envelope from you! Containing a collage, which I love.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Mary Buek said...

Leslie, it's true. Everything I own has a smear of paint on it, especially the cuffs of long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts. Sometime I just wear them out anyway, sort of a badge proclaiming "I am just a crazed artist."

Hi, Jazz: Glad you liked the photo. And I'm glad you got your collage. Now I know it takes a week or so to get mail to Canada.

Rose: Oh, yes, it was a wonderful day. I felt so hopeful and invigorated when I got home. I must remember to do that sort of thing more often.