Saturday, February 14, 2009

. . . had no Valentine

Okay, I'm cheating. . . this is the same Valentine's Day picture I used last year. But that is the only thing that remains the same since then. This year, I am alone, no one's Valentine. Usually it's okay, I don't mind it. But honestly, I can't wait for this day to be over. The Halllmark holiday of all time is everywhere I look. . . on TV, in the newspaper: stories about kissing and brain scans of those in love, stories about young love, old love. . . Even the grocery store had huge displays of bouquets and men were there in droves buying them up. Even the book store. . . first thing inside the door, books about love, 365 days of wild sex, etc. All of it just reminds me that I am no longer the most important person in anyone's life. That is, of course, not to say that I am not loved. . . it's just the romance has gone. And maybe that's not all bad. . . but I just want to hide until this day is over.

I gave myself a Valentine's Day present. I used the last of my Border's gift card to buy Nita Leland's Confident Color. I have just started it, first looking at all the pictures, then going back and enjoying every page. Here's two things I have discovered (I hope Nita doesn't mind that I share):

A quote from Millard Sheets: "Don't go an inch without changing color." Nita provides the template for a color checker and advises to "place it on your artwork and move it around to see how much you've varied the colors of a background or other area." That is one eye-opening statement . . . and it's only in the Introduction.

Artist Karen Becker Benedetti. I loved the paintings that Nita exhibited in her book so I looked the artist up on the internet and found her website. Amazing.

Thos two things alone are worth the price of the book to me (well, almost. . . but I'm sure there will be additional nuggets of fascinating information in it.)
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Wildeve said...

Mary- This is such a daunting day for so many people. All the commercial hype makes us feel like we should be with someone who will wine, dine and spoil us. realistically, that is not the case, probably for most of us. And like you said, it is everywhere you go. I love that you got yourself a fabulous Valentine's gift. I think I'll go buy myself that great pair of shoes I've been eyeing...

13moons said...

Your art makes you an important person in many people's lives. (In addition to your important place in the lives of your friends and family, of course.) Hope you do something loving for yourself and have a great day.


Margaret Ryall said...

Ah romance... sometimes it's over rated I think. We live in a story book world created by advertizing. It is the practical that holds everything together. But... I do know what you mean. We are allowed moments of "I wish".

I'm on my way to my studio to make a card for Sasha and now Sadie. It's one of the ways I use my interest in collage. They will have an extensive collection by the time they leave home.

Interestingly enough, I just ordered Nita's book but it hasn't arrived. I own many of her books including her previous book on colour. You've made me impatient to receive mine.

ps pirro said...

Hey, Mary! I'll be your valentine. Consider yourself hugged and hearted.

xox, ps

Mary Buek said...

Ooh, Eve, did you get your shoes? Retail therapy used to be such a great way for me to get out of a funk. Now I just find I don't really want anything but books, paint supplies and diet coke.

Anita, thanks; I feel sort of whiny about the whole thing now. It really pisses me off that the advertising industry could make me feel bad. Why is there such a disconnect between what you know to be true and what you feel?

Margaret, I envy little Sadie and Sasha for their collection of your art. Weirdly enough, my kids don't own any art of mine. I must change that.

Peggy: Thank you, dear friend. As I said, I feel like my post was a bit whiny as best. . . oh, well, what are blogs for anyway if you can't have your own little pity party?

Wildeve said...

Hi Mary, I did get the shoes- I'm not really a shoe person, in the usual sense- I'm more into hiking boots and such- LOL but I rarely see shoes I like that are comfortable, so I'm happy.
I usually buy books and art supplies above all else, too!

Sherrie said...

Ooo...I just love Karen Benedetti's work too. I emailed her and told her so. And then I purchased her little book. It's not a comprehensive as the pdf on line, but it's nice to pull out and drool over occasionally. How are your paintings selling with your dealer? I wish you much success because you deserve it. I just love your paintings too.

Regina said...

Just found your blog tonight through a link from Karen Stiel Osborn. Love your work. I am a huge fan of Nita Leland and I bought myself the same book a few months ago. I just started the background for a new painting last night and something was bugging me about it. The 1 inch rule is just the reminder I needed.

Mary Buek said...

Eve: Way to go, buy shoes, help the economy. Did you get 4" stilettos with bling? I hope so.

Sherrie: I just keep finding these amazing artists on line and other places. I'll have to check on Benedetti's book, I must have missed that link. My paintings are selling, amazingly, and I'm working on making as many more as I can before my small local "featured artist" gig on the last Saturday of February. Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your comments.

Regina: Welcome to my blog, glad you found me through Karen. She's such a multi-talented artist and I'm glad I am linked to her blog. I love your blog, too, and the little cork carving was clever. Please visit often. Thanks.