Saturday, July 19, 2008

. . . set the table

Here is the pretty little table with a first coat of lacquer. I am a lousy spray painter if neatness counts. But I doing pretty well until I switched to a new can of paint. There was something wrong wrong wrong with it. It dripped all over the top, dammit. . . ergo the sanded spots. I hope sanding them out will work. I'm thinking maybe I should switch to brushing on the paint. The top had a lot of glue on it left over from the laminated layer, and it took a lot to get that all sanded off. I think I will stickk to just one color and skip the decorations for a while. . . it's quicker and to me, more elegant.

And here's the thing . . . it's already sold. One of my neighbors was over visiting while I was working on it, and she called "the boss" and bought it on the spot. There were a bunch of kids over, too. . . you can see their artwork on the driveway rendered in chalk. The chalk kept them busy for a while, but they are all intrigued by the painting and want to try their hand at it. I'm thinking about hauling a bunch of old wooden boxes up from the basement and letting them have at it. . . they might turn out kind of cool, who knows?

And just to keep you real artists interested. . . here is a picture of my painted door knob sitting on a brick. . . rather artistically inspired, don't you think?

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