Thursday, July 17, 2008

. . . made some discoveries

My neighbor, Morgan, age 8, wants me to paint the inside to look like a cheetah. Her brother Grayson, age 4, wants me to paint it "slime green."

Here is the small wooden cabinet I worked on yesterday. I am happy to say that all went well; it was not a frustrating experience at all. I took the drawer out, and the doors and all the hardware off. Of course that means I'll have to put it all back on again, too. This is the blank canvas for future embellishment.

I had to move my center of operations from the back porch to the garage because of the deck painters. I took a picture of the drawer and the doors, but as I was cropping that picture, I found this wonderful crop of the garage floor. Okay, yeah, it's tweaked a bit, but it doesn't it look a bit like Jamali's background from the picture yesterday? Who knew the nasty garage floor could be so cool?

In the top picture, just visible behind the blue cabinet, is a wonderful table with a marvelous base and interesting feet. The top was veneer and the veneer was removed because of damage. Otherwise the table is really in pretty great shape. I have discovered something called "liquid sandpaper" or "deglosser" that is supposed to soften up the finish on a piece so that it will accept a new coat of paint. It works beautifully and is reasonably priced. A long time ago, I experimented with making my own paper by using multiple layers of crinkled tissue paper and glue, painting the tissue paper between layers when it was dry. The result was heavy paper that looked like leather. I think I'm going to try that technique on the top of this table, finishing it off with some heavy-duty sealer. Any advice?

I had to go buy paint for the deck and railings yesterday. I went to Sherwin Williams because that's where we had bought the house paint before. As I was waiting, I browsed for color inspiration. I noticed that many of their paints used the term "acrylic" instead of the term "latex." I asked the man who waited on me what was the difference. He said they were the same, but he looked at me like I was a crazed lunatic. But that could have been because he had the buggiest eyes I have ever seen . . . he looked like he was glaring at me, but I don't think he was. Anyway, does anyone know if there is a difference? Can you use "acrylic" house paint in art?


Into the Blystic said...

Hi Mary
I don't know if one should or not, but I use acrylic house paint quite regularly in my work... several of my favourite metallics are Behr premium plus brand acrylic [homeDepot]. I haven't had any problems with using artists acrylics over or under them. namaste Elis.

Martha Marshall said...

Mary, I almost fell off my chair at "slime green!!!" Kids, kids!!

I defy anyone to prove to me that house paint is inferior to fine art paint. Acrylic and latex are one and the same. I've seen arguments back and forth about it, but if you put house paint on the outside of a house and it doesn't fade in three or four years of direct sun, I'd say that's a pretty good archivability test. And yes, I use it all the time in my work.

Re the table top texture . . . sounds like a great idea. Lots of coats of matte varnish maybe??

Mary Buek said...

You guys, it is so cool that you can use house paint in fine art. Do you know that you can get $50/gal. mistints at Sherwin Williams for $4. A gallon will last forever. And when you think about it, even at $50/gal. it's still gotta be cheaper than $10-20 per however many ounces of "art" paints. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks.