Sunday, July 20, 2008

. . . had overnight visitors

Both babies spent the night with Nana and Papa. Both babies stayed up way past their bedtimes and woke up early, one at 6:00 am and the other at 7:30. Nana and Papa were sorry to see the babies leave a little while ago, but both plan naps this afternoon. Last night we played and sort of took a bath in the kiddie pool, watched as they and the neighbor kids rode their Barbie Jeeps, miniature 4-wheelers, and John Deere tractors; took a real bath; read stories and stories and stories; had ice cream bars and drinks of pop; watched the Berenstein Bears until late. Just did all the things that they don't usually get to do, but I'm just trying to fulfill my role as grandmother. It is blistering hot this morning, and only going to get worse. I'm glad all my deck furniture and painting equipment is still out in the back yard; that will keep my husband from trying to mow the lawn. Not the ideal conditions for him to be exerting a lot of effort. I'm even too hot and tired to go for a drive to take pictures. . . I wanted to go look for interesting old architectural details, but I'll wait. All the family will be back tonight for supper, so I must now go and look into that nap thing. Golf is on TV, that is so boring I will be asleep in no time at all. No work, no art, today.

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