Tuesday, July 22, 2008

. . . painted random bits

and pieces of things I had laying around the studio. It was way too hot to work outside on the furniture painting, which is at this point really sanding, and I don't want to do that in the house. Besides, I dropped my little "mouse" sander and it broke, and instead of vibrating rapidly, it just kind of sits there and shivers. There were people in my house working and I had to stay out of their way, so I went down to the studio. This picture is just one of the odds and ends I had around, leftover paint on brushes used for other purposes, applied to paper with various texturizing tools. Completely random and I think kind of interesting.

Today I finally have my hair done again. It's been a long time and it's grown way too long for an old lady. I have been going to Bobbie for a long time. . . 12 years maybe. She was voted the best hair stylist in the KC area by some magazine a couple of years ago, and now I have to schedule my appointments way in advance. Good for Bobbie. . . she's wonderful. And she knows that I don't mess around with hair much so she cuts it so I can "style" it, if that's the word, with minimal fuss and bother.


Martha Marshall said...

This piece has a wonderful color combination. I love that (is it Cobalt?) blue right smack on top of all the warm colors.

Mary Buek said...

Thanks, Martha. As I'm painting the furniture, I keep thinking of what to paint in the basement. I hope you are right about this whole furniture painting experience.