Thursday, July 10, 2008

. . . featured the babies

I took almost 100 pictures of the grandkids on the 4th of July, just before they left for their visit to Columbus, Ohio "for a million weeks" according to Betsy, to visit their other Papa and Nana. Betsy had a pen or pencil in her hand in a lot of shots. I wish I could say she was drawing, but she likes to pretend that she's writing. . . notes, secrets, bills, statements, important correspondence, books, stories. . . making her mark.

And little Joey. . . isn't he just a babe? A slobbering babe? Poor little fellow, his molars are breaking through and he has a hard time with that. When you think about what these little ones go through during their first couple of years, with growth spurts and shots and learning to walk and falling down all the time and running into things and getting teeth and trying to learn to talk. . . no wonder they cry sometimes. I'd cry, too. I'd be frustrated beyond my tolerance.

I hope they come back sooner than a million weeks.


Martha Marshall said...

They are precious. I love that Betsy likes to write things. And Joey looks a little sad about his molars. I'll bet it doesn't take much to get him to smile, though.

Mary Buek said...

Betsy is frighteningly smart for her age and high-maintenance. Joe is laid-back and happy most of the time. You're right, mostly he smiles.