Monday, July 14, 2008

. . . made a discovery

messing around with Photoshop. It's the photocopy filter -- I supposed everyone already knew about this, but I think it's beyond cool. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with this new-found knowledge, but it's ready to be utilized when the need arises. Maybe carving a stamp? a stencil? I have so much trouble with that kind of stuff -- can't ever figure out what needs to be cut away and what needs to stay. It's the negative space thing, I guess. Can't wrap my mind around it without a lot of concentration, which is in short supply. Maybe this would help: just cut away everything that's not black. . . or white. . . ?
The furniture store friend dropped by with four pieces yesterday: a small table with a pedestal; a plant stand; a small chest with a drawer and doors; and a mid-century modern looking bookshelf. I opted to start on the bookshelf. . . it was already painted that old industrial strength grayish-green. I figured I couldn't screw that up too much. I cleaned it, sanded it, and gave it two coats of primer. Now it's a blank canvas waiting for me. I keep trying to picture that thing where it might be of use in a house to help me decide how to proceed. The furniture store guy basically just told me to do what I do and not to worry. . . I think he wants it sort of "artsy" as opposed to "cutesy". Good thing. . . I can do cutesy, but I don't like it. Pictures tomorrow, I promise, no matter how it turns out.


Sheree Rensel said...

Word up! I want to give you advice so you don't make the same mistake I did. I have used photoshop for years. I am self taught. I have all kinds of stuff on my website that involved Photoshop filters, gadgets, and gizmos. My advice to you is WRITE DOWN HOW YOU DO THINGS!!! LOL LOL The reason I suggest taking notes is because Photoshop is so expansive, you can do something really cool and then forget how you did it!! I know this to be true because I have "forgotten" many times!
Good luck with your discoveries!!

Mary Buek said...

Great idea -- I have a notebook right here; I'll start a page for this. Thanks, Sheree.