Wednesday, November 26, 2008

. . . woke at 3:00

and could not go back to sleep. I lay there thinking about all the stuff I still had to do to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I did my shopping. . . I made my list and of course left it at home. I managed to remember to buy almost everything I needed and what I didn't get, I'll probably manage to do without. . . but even with all the stuff I needed to do, I still couldn't help but finish up a couple of paintings I was working on, the two shown above. Once again, I tried working with a limited color pallette and using black and white. I pretty much liked them. This morning I photographed them. . . I need to tell you that they all actually look much better in person.

Then, just for shits and giggles, I collaged the two in Picasa and look what happened, above. This turned out so much better than the individual paintings, I think. . . but now what do I do with it? I'm intrigued. . . and will examine the collage to see how to make my paintings more interesting.


Catherine said...

Have a lovely Holiday Mary!

Mary Buek said...

thank you, Catherine, and to you, too.