Sunday, November 2, 2008

. . . sent this out

the door this week, along with the other five or six paintings. This is another one that I have posted here before, but it was not hanging up, and I took this photo before I let it go. I keep a picture of every painting, along with the name (if there is one), the size, a brief description, and my price.

I have been working on finishing up a couple of the woven paintings that I had started last week. . . although as I said before, they won't really be finished until they are gone. If I find something applicable to any of them, I can always add it as long as it's here. Yesterday I was scrounging through some of my old junk trying to find something creative to weave into the canvas strips. I found a very old black and white paper sign that we discovered in the old house we purchased in my hometown: "USE THE CROSSWALK." Sort of long and narrow, it fit perfectly on the first woven black, blue and white canvas that I created. Perfect.

The art rep requested that if possible, I paint long narrow vertical canvases, perhaps diptychs and triptychs. I spent some time yesterday going through my edited photos and found plenty of inspiration for these. I think it just a matter of adjusting. . . he had me painting larger square canvases, but now I must change gears.


self taught artist said...

this is haltingly interesting.
stunning, simple and yet riveting.
good work!

Mary Buek said...

Thank you, Paula. I thought of you often when I was at the auction Sunday. . . there was such good stuff that you could have used in your art, and it was so cheap. It would have been fun to be with you at a sale like this, just to see what you would pick and how you would plan to use it.