Wednesday, November 12, 2008

. . . felt brand new

That's how I always feels when I get done at the hairdresser. Shaggy hair has been trimmed to sleek new shorter style. . . it swings from side to side when I turn my head. Makes me feel like a kid again. Except that I've caught a cold, and I had a coughing sneezing fit at the salon yesterday and I'm sure everyone was just thrilled that I had kept my appointment so that I could infect everything in sight. But I didn't care how awful I felt, I was keeping that hard-to-get appointment even on my death bed. I'm self-medicating, in moderation, with OTC drugs, the effects of which are sometimes worse on me that the actual symptoms.

The photos here are of a couple of companion pieces in a smaller size. I am especially liking the grayish-whitish portion of the second picture. Even in this photo, the texture is evident. Now it's back to the couch for me. . . I may not even change out of my pajamas today, we'll see.

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