Tuesday, November 11, 2008

. . . performed final experiments

This is the last of the woven experimental canvases I have done lately. The purpose of this experiment was to try to integrate the woven canvas strips into a larger piece, as opposed to weaving the strips into a separate whole canvas. This is not really evident on the picture above. I used a small narrow piece of scrap canvas and cut a more-or-less rectangular shape out of the center of it. Then I cut small individual slits in the canvas on opposite sides of the long side of the rectangle and wove strips from one side to the other into those individual slits. On the short sides of the rectangle, I did not cut individual slits, but rather longer slits equal to the cut edge of the rectangle.

This is the back side of the canvas, which is kind of cool in its own right. The painting was not the point of this experiment. . . it was just a quick, down and dirty stab at seeing how it would work if I included woven canvas in future pieces. I didn't measure anything, just cut and slit and basically played with what I had on hand, grabbing whatever paint was around.

I have yet to solve the problem of how to hold these things together securely. If I put enough plaster mixture on the front, usually the middle of the woven pieces will hold together pretty well. The edges often come unstuck, as evidenced in the first picture above (see the crooked black lines at the top?) I have tried a glue mix, as well as gel medium, but those mostly make the canvas curl. I have a roll of some very sticky adhesive plastic/paper that I nabbed from my daughter's house when they moved. . . I don't know how the movers used it, but it's been sitting there waiting for me to use it for something. . . perhaps that's the answer.


Catherine said...

hey Mary, I wonder if you could use fusible interfacing on the back to seal everything? Lay it down and iron with a press cloth and et voila! I like BOTH sides of this painting experiment!

Mary Buek said...

Catherine, that's a good idea. I haven't checked out interfacing lately, but I'll bet there's something fairly heavy available. I will try it the next time I experiment, fusing it before putting any product on the canvas. Thanks for the tip.