Friday, November 7, 2008

. . . posted companion piece

Above is the other 18" by 36" piece that goes with the painting I posted yesterday. Lousy pictures, I know. . . I'm in a hurry because I get to babysit both kids today and yesterday morning, too. We were on the go yesterday: pet store, book store, my house to bake cookies, then the kids went home and it was nap time for me. Playing bucking bronco was thrilling for them and exhausting for me, since I was the bronco. Just finished this one and then quit while I was ahead. I don't think these paintings are particularly inspiring but I do kind of like them. I also think my creativity has taken a nosedive lately and I need for it to come back soon.


Catherine said...

I like these pieces Mary. I hear you about the "K-Mart Shoppers" but I wonder if the ensemble nature and the ability to customize a grouping could speak to the new theme in our country? "We are all One"...too hokey, maybe?

Mary Buek said...

There you go again, Catherine, coming up with great descriptions for my art. Perfect.