Tuesday, November 4, 2008


. . .no surprise to anyone that knows me. It's historic no matter the outcome. I love that so many people are so interested in this election. I love that young people are so interested and inspired and feel like they can make a difference, because they can. I love that my son researches the candidates and can discuss their policies and histories, and I love that my daughter has inspired her almost-four-year-old daughter to the point that Betsy told me "if I'm good, I get to stay up and watch the elections." I hope she will remember it. Mostly I'm proud that they agree with my politics, which I can't say about my husband, so I won't say anything about that at all.

As I listened to my candidate speak a week or so ago, I was filled with a sense of hope, of possibility, of thinking that this country could do whatever it took to fix itself. Then, my cynical side sneaked in and said, "Oh, come on, you're too old to believe that any one guy can fix this." But you know what? That inspiration, that sense of unity, that feeling that anything is possible, that is what a real leader can provide. And my cynical side went back into hiding. I remember my parents feeling that way about JFK; I remember feeling that way about RFK. I remember feeling that way about Bill Clinton, hoping that a member of my generation would get it right. Now it's another generation's turn; I hope they get it right.


Martha Marshall said...

That is my hope too, Mary! I love that the young people have become more engaged in what's going on. We need them!! My granddaughter called me twice that night from a street party in Orlando -- during the coverage of the returns, and then right after he was projected the winner.

Mary Buek said...

Oh, Martha, so far he's doing well as Prez-elect. My mother-in-law was absolutely thrilled with his election. When I walked into the bookstore the other day with Betsy (4 years old) she saw a display of Obama's books, and she shouted "There's Barack Obama." She was dismayed to learn that he had little daughters. . . she thought of him as all hers. He seems to be a special man for special times.