Tuesday, November 4, 2008

. . . collaged on canvas

This is the third woven canvas that is more or less done, but always subject to revision until it leaves the premises. This one has more collage elements than the others, with bits of paper, words, pin-back buttons, stencils, stamps, etc. I dug through my stash of stuff that I hadn't even looked at for months, looking for items of certain color and shape. I kept finding things that had a date on them, and oddly enough, for no apparent reason, the year 1927 came up again and again. So then I thought maybe this could be a collage of the detritus (oh, I love that word) of one women's life. . . bits and pieces of things that might describe her. . . oh, hell, I don't know what I was thinking.

Sometimes I cringe to actually put my art on this blog, let alone actually give it to someone to sell. I mean, who would actually care about a woman who lived in 1927? Who would want this on their wall? I keep thinking maybe in the bathroom, where someone can sit and read it, finding new stuff all the time as they do their thing.

I'm tired of doing these. . . I have one more that is in progress, and then I'll quit for a while. I just finished weaving the last one yesterday. It really hurts my back to stand for so long to weave these things. . . I guess I should find a better way, because I'm not one to have backaches. Along with the canvas, I have included rows of twine, rows of wooden skewers, and a couple of rows of upholstery webbing. Right now it's all white and brown and and weaving pattern is apparent. I don't have any idea where this one will end up. I have also started on a smaller vertical piece that has a few happy little accidents on it, which I hope to share soon.


Martha Marshall said...

This is very cool, Mary. Maybe you'll figure out less physically demanding way to do them. They have a ton of possibilities.

Mary Buek said...

Martha, I have some more ideas percolating. . . I need to quit taking these things seriously and just play with them. They turn out better that way.