Friday, May 1, 2009

. . . completed yard work

Yes, I'm done, except for the regular mowing. . . everything is clean out, raked, put away, thrown away, given away, fixed up, painted and set up. My reward is getting to see the new peonies blooming. The pretty one above is the only bud on that particular tree peony so of course I had to take a picture of it. Two years ago there was a killing frost that nipped some of the tree peonies and they didn't bloom that year at all. Last year they were still recovering and didn't bloom very much. I hope they are getting healthier every year.

This little tree peony was planted just last year and this year it has many blooms and buds. Don't you love the yellow color? We have had rain almost every day this week, almost five inches since Sunday, so the garden is growing fast, as is the grass. Everything looks lush. The roses, regular peonies, and irises should bloom soon, too.

Of the eight houses on my cul de sac, four are or will be for sale this summer. One family is moving to a multi-million dollar home they are building just a few blocks away. Another family is moving to Colorado, and a couple who live in a third house are moving to Savannah. And there's me. And that doesn't include the foreclosure that sold a couple of months ago, bringing down everyone's house values because it counts as a comparable sale. I have the biggest and best back yard, but not everyone wants a big back yard or a beautiful garden. The exteriors are pretty much similar but the interiors are all over the place. . . from very formal to contemporary to traditional to hodge-podge. Guess which one is mine. Tomorrow is the Brookside Art Fair, and I'm hoping Betsy will go with me again this year. And it's First Friday in the Crossroad District and the Power & Light District tonight. And the Art-Bidz aution is tomorrow night. And the urban homes tour is Saturday and Sunday. Lots of stuff going on this weekend.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Some people say visioning the perfect buyer, and inviting that perfect buyer can bring good results....a graden lover, someone who likes the style of your home, someone who will care for your garden with care.

Lauren said...

Aunt Mary, I will miss your garden at this house, just like I missed the garden at the last house. You're garden's are always so beautiful... I wish I could keep plants alive:).

Margaret Ryall said...

You made my day. I love peonies and these are beautiful. My daughter and I have been searching for pink peony images as references for a painting she wants me to do for her new home. You might say I have peonies on the brain.

~Babs said...

The grounds alone will sell the house, and it will be the perfect landing place for someone who loves and appreciates all you've put into it.
Busy weekend,,,,makes me a tad dizzy, but I hope you love every minute!

Mary Buek said...

Leslie, one of my neighbors told me it would be easy to just raze the entire garden and still have a great back yard. I wonder if someone would actually do that? Not my vision on the perfect buyer.

Hi, Lauren, thank you, sweetie, for saying that. I will always have a garden of some sort, don't worry about that. It's always a challenge to start from scratch.

Margaret: Peonies on the brain. . . not a bad thing to think about. I would love to see your painting when it's done.

Babs: Don't you want to move back to this area? There is this house you could move right into. Are you guys having the monsoon season, too?

~Babs said...

Mary, I think I'd feel like a fish out of water now,,I've been gone so long, and the area has 'moved on' without me.
Monsoon, oh yeah,,,better believe it. I've lost count of how many days in a row of rain,storms, gloom,,etc.
But it sure makes for beautiful gardens!

artistamyjo said...

Love your flowers. Ours are not blooming yet here in Mi.but your give me hope.

Cris said...

Wonderful! I try hard to have them bloom myself but I just fail.