Sunday, May 3, 2009

. . . abstracted the garden?

Okay, this first picture is not really abstract, but I thought it was pretty cool. In the middle of the sunken brick patio out in the yard, there is an urn on a pedestal. Every year I try out different unusual combinations of plants. This year, the area is becoming more shady as the little trees around the patio have grown, and my urn contains a large autumn fern, a beautiful begonia, and a couple of coleus, among other plants. I guess it could be abstract. . . it's all about texture variations, color, and shape.

This is a hosta leaf, up close and personal.

and this is one of my favorite pictures. It's a rock on the garden path. Something sat on this rock for the entire winter, and apparently the shrubs around the rock sent out roots that wander over the surface of the rock.

No peony pictures today, although there's a dynamite purple one in full bloom right now. To combat the deer that have come back, eating the tips of the rose bushes, I sprayed Liquid Fence yesterday. The sprayer jammed, and I got the stuff all over my hands. I still smell it, despite repeated hand washings. It must work, because not one deer has approached me.


Margaret Ryall said...

Great shots Mary. I've been using my close up feature on my camera lately. I still don't have it figured out 100%. Sometimes I just get blurred somethings, which are interesting in themselves. I'm glad you have so much colour in your garden now. I am excited about seeing the crocuses and the buds appearing on my trees. I love your peony shots and just had another peek before I wrote this response.

bridgette said...

oooh, that rock photo is beautifuL!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Love the roots on the rock! So cool....will we see that line work in a painting? And I'm happy you are safe from the deer.

Miki Willa said...

The rock photo is amazing. You have the gift of seeing things that others do not. Thank you for sharing it.

~Babs said...

Oh, that last photo is such a gem. Just a touch of red here, a dab of blue there,,,,,and it becomes one of your paintings!
It just *feels* good,,,,,,

A rambling rose said...

Yes I love the abstraction that the detail can provide - lovely photos

Regina said...

Gorgeous flowers.
I am SO sorry that you got liquid fence on yourself. That is NASTY smelling. I tried it for the first time this year & it has been keeping the rabbits out of my flower garden. Prior to using it, they were enjoying my tulips, bulbs & all.

Seth said...

That last photo is incredible!

Mary Buek said...

Margaret, I know what you mean about the close up feature. I have given up trying to figure it out because I get blurs mostly, too. The garden is looking great as things keep coming into bloom.

Bridgette: One day after it rained pretty hard here, I found a patch of dirt that had all kinds of tracks across it. I knew it was cool, but I didn't get a picture of it before it just disappeared. I didn't want that to happen with this rock when I saw it a few days ago.

Leslie, yeah, the deer are staying away from me, but then so are humans, because Liquid Fence smells worse than the dirtiest diaper. I knew you would like that rock picture. . . it looks like something you would create. Oh, yeah, I hope to work with this picture in the future.

Miki, thank you. Don't you think that artists tend to see things differently?

Babs, I didn't think of adding those colors, but now I will, thanks to your suggestion.

Thanks, Rose. I wish I were a better photographer, because there are amazing shots out there just waiting for me to figure them out.

Regina, the neighbors' cats have taken care of my rabbit problem, in bloody gory detail. I hereby attest to the fact that a little rain won't diminish the effect of Liquid Fence. . .

Thank you, Seth. I value your opionions.