Wednesday, May 20, 2009

. . . couldn't stay inside

. . . the weather is just too great. I did put another layer on the painting that I'm working on, but it hasn't changed enough to make a great deal of difference. This photo is one of the peonies that bloomed but was battered by the storms that came through here while I was in St. Louis. All my roses are about to bloom. . . it will be amazing when the buds finally open. Soon enough it will be unbearably hot and I will retreat to my cool basement and paint and clean it up, but I am going to enjoy this beautiful weather while I can.


Jazz said...

That picture is great. I love the sunshine on the front petal...

Zeitler said...

Hi Mary,

We are the makers of Citra-Solv. One of your old blogs mentions you using it in some of your artwork. Hopefully I am correct about this.
Anyway, I am in the process of creating a section on our website for artists like yourself and was wondering if you have some art that you might be willing for us to post on out site? I haven't worked out the details but I am hoping at some point to have some kind of Artist contest, etc.
What do you think? Are you game?
Melissa Zeitler

Zeitler said...


Ooops. Should have given you my email address.

Mary Buek said...

Thank you, Jazz. Sunshine makes everything more beautiful.

Melissa: I'm in. . . and I will email you. And anyone else who reads this, perhaps you would like to email Melissa, too, about your Citra-Solv art.