Tuesday, April 28, 2009

. . . pictured the garden

Since many artists are also gardeners, I thought I would show you some early bloomers and other things in my garden that are interesting to me. The tree peony above is special because it blooms first, and I'm crazy about the color when the blooms are fully opened.

I planted this baby fothergilla shrub last year and it didn't do anything, but this year the blossoms just crack me up. I hope it will continue to grow and bloom profusely in the future.

This is a Missouri primrose (I think, correct me if I'm wrong.) This thing has the potential of being a weed. Its seeds sprout all over the place, but they are so cute and cheery that I don't care. I transplant some of the babies and give some away. It sits next to a Lenten rose that does the same thing.

I supposed this is special only to me. It is a hemlock, which doesn't grow well in this area, apparently because it gets too hot. When my daughter was going to school in South Bend, Indiana, the campus had so many of these beautiful trees, and I have tried to grow them since I saw them there. This is the first one that has survived and prospered, so far for about five years

I can't even guess how many dogwood trees have given up their lives to my ineptitude, but this one, so far, has bloomed every year. It puzzles me that I have such bad luck in growing these beautiful trees, because it's the state tree of Missouri, and if you drive around in certain sections of KC, you will be dumbstruck by the blooming dogwoods. I have three Kousa dogwoods that may or may not bloom a creamy white, but this one is the one I love best. It's beside a redbud, in front of a massive pine tree, and the combo is stunning, if I do say so myself.
Yesterday before Joey came to spend the afternoon, I went out in the mud and dug weeds out of one last patch of garden. Then Joe and I went to the nursery and the hardware store to get grass seed, weed killer, potting soil and lawn trash bags. Joe got a baby rake and some tiny gardening "glubs" so he could help Nana in the garden. We took "chicken dance Elmo" with us and one apparently sight-impaired gentleman asked Joey if he was going to help me, his mommy, in the yard. We bought whatever that guy was selling.


~Babs said...

Loved seeing your garden.
Oh how I miss the dogwood! None here,,,much too hot and dry.
The Fothergilla is so interesting,,looks 'weed-ish',,,some of my favorite flowers are weeds.
Crackin' me up,,,buying everything from the man who thought you the momma.
My sis (who was standing ready to crawl into her bathtub) told me about that tornado. Glad it missed both of you!

Jeane said...

good morning Mary - wow, I love these pics of your garden! - it's so much work isn't it? - have been digging, weeding and cleaning up for the last two weeks - it has its rewards, but I lose interest after that first initial push, but alas, it still needs to be done!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Thanks for the beauty and the humor. ;o)

Mary Buek said...

Babs: I'm glad you liked the garden. It's certainly taking up all my time right now. I was getting ready to shower when I heard about the tornado, too, and I was so interested in the newscast showing its formation that I just never got around to it.

Jeane: It is a lot of work, but I kind of enjoy it, until the heat comes and the bugs and other critters appear and the deer eat everything. Then I'm back inside and I have lost interest, too.

Leslie: Always need a sense of humor around here, that's for sure.

Jazz said...

Love your garden. Most plants don't survive my TLC, probably because gardening is not high on my list of priorities.