Saturday, May 9, 2009

. . . browsed the magazines?

Here are some interesting pieces of art from the "Veranda" magazine, June 2009 issue. If you go to the website you will find additional artwork. Attribution is listed when provided in the article. This first picture features a home in the Low Country of South Carolina. The article provides no information about either the six framed pieces on one wall, the small painting on an easel on the table, or the piece on the adjacent wall. Nicely posed. . . I will need to find a pair of riding boots, some canes, and a fedora to stage my home for sale.

A Nashville designer decided to recreate an 16th Century Italian villa for her home. This painting is by Carroll Dunham. This painting probably wasn't in a 16th Century Italian villa, although I could be wrong.

Unfortunately I cut off the top of this double spread when I scanned it. This is a triptych by Susan Sales. By coincidence, I found Susan Sales's web page a few weeks ago and bookmarked it. I am gratified to learn that Susan is a self-taught artist. Visit her site and see more of her work.

This work of art amuses me greatly. The picture is part of an ad by Ebanista ("a superlative collection of extraordinary furnishings and objets d'art.") How is that thing supported up there? I just know it would fall down and crush someone if it were in my house. Maybe it's made out of styrofoam . . .

Off to do mother's day things today. . . still painting a bit every day, in a different manner than usual. I am enjoying the process, trying not to think about its marketability. Just spreading paint, seeing what I come up with, then making adjustments and improvements.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for the introduction of Susan Sales...I have also bookmarked her site.
Happy Mother's Day!

Mary Buek said...

Mary Ann: Happy Mother's Day to you, too. I'm glad you enjoyed Susan Sales's art.