Thursday, March 26, 2009

. . . got a boost

Yesterday I met with Todd Weiner, the man behind this plan (above). I took all my canvases with me, and he took all my canvases from me. He loves my paintings, what can I say. . . He is holding this auction in a large warehouse-type building with white walls. The door to the place is painted red and framed, just like the image on the card above. The new sign went up this week, complete with what kind of looks like a bullet hole. Todd was full of energy and it was contagious. There were artists coming and going while I was there. There was a lot of art to look at. It was fabulous. Every size of painting. . . collages. . . sculpture. . . even furniture, the kind that is art. And he is just getting started gathering the stuff together. As much of a hermit that I am, as uncomfortable as I can get in unfamiliar surroundings, I felt like I had come home. Credit Todd, and oh, did I mention, he loves my paintings? He was extremely complimentary. Everyone needs a Todd in her life.

That being said, here is another card that he gave me after he asked me if I knew any other artists that might be interested in this auction. This is an oportunity for you to get your own dose of Todd. Send him a email with some jpgs or whatever of your art, and tell him I sent you.
Todd kept saying that my paintings were "controlled chaos" and that they were "feminine" paintings. The feminine part intrigued me. He said my choice of colors made the paintings feminine, that he couldn't imagine a man painting with those colors. Huh.
The other gallery that was at one time interested in showing my art is probably going to go out of business. I'm glad I stopped there before I met Todd, because I was pretty bummed about that, both for myself and for the gallery owners, who are just lovely people.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Big Congratulations!

Jazz said...

I hate it when galleries go under. But I'm glad you have a Tod in your life.

Jeane said...

dance of joy! dance of joy! for you Mary! congratulations! smiling big for you1