Thursday, March 5, 2009

. . . asked for advice

Another day of making no art, but I did have a chance to (badly) photograph some of the papers that came in the file cabinet I purchased from an artist and art teacher several years ago. I have no idea if these are valuable to anyone, but they are interesting.

The one above is representative of probably about ten reproduction paintings of famous artists. The art itself is reproduced on some type of linen, then the linen is sandwiched between a mat and a backing. There is another two-sided page that comes with each painting, listing the name of the painting, the artist, and the historical background of the painting.

The above are four cards, nothing on the reverse side, reproduction of old Vogue covers. So colorful and interesting.

Here is the repro Elvis painting by Leroy Neiman. The reverse side is also a Neiman, red, of Ali boxing.

Above is a reproduction of a French poster. There are several different styles, nothing on the reverse side.

and here is a calendar page with I believe James Dean.
There are many many more of these papers. I must have been in a hurry to snap them, because they turned out really bad, blurry, out of focus. I will try again. If anyone has any idea on how to price these things, please please please let me know. Also, tell your friends if they have any interest in old papers. AND, if you want any of these things yourself, leave a comment, make an offer, and it's yours. I will go back and take better pictures of the stuff for etsy, as well as measurements and other pertinent information. I will post more of them later today for your viewing pleasure and assistance to me.

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