Tuesday, March 31, 2009

. . . discovered art supplies

in the hardware store. I needed to go somewhere to get a few foam brushes, so instead of cheap, I went to the closest place, a small hardware store not too far from my house. As I cruised around, I stumbled upon the plumbing section and struck it rich.

There were all sorts of texture making things. . . the original use of these items escapes me. I'm sure the checkout lady wondered what I was going to do with the assortment of PVC things, none of which fit together in any manner, in addition to some ridged shelf liner and some diamond shaped plastic gutter coverings. It's so easy to find round things to make shapes and textures, but I found some square things and some round things with grids or lines in the openings. I can't wait to experiment with these plumbing supplies.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hardware stores; the experimental art store.

Miki Willa said...

I really love the colors in these two. The shapes and textures are also quite exciting. What sizes are these?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I find my best supplies at the hardward store...it's strange when one of the fellows asks me if I need help???

~Babs said...

I discovered you through The Altered Page,and I'm very glad I did. Such wonderfully inspiring work, and truly interesting posts.
Amazing, where and how we find new art 'tools'.
I'm originally from Kansas City too.

Jazz said...

How cool is that! I'd never think of going to the hardware store, but when you think about it, what better place for texture?

Ro Bruhn said...

One of my favourite places for art supplies is the hardware store. They have a great array of things for texture and collage as well as fabulous things for my jewellery.
I love your paintings, especially this one, it's so rich and textured.

Mary Buek said...

Leslie: I can see a whole new marketing strategy for Ace Hardware or Home Depot. Honestly, there are so many things in those stores that can be used for art. I used to shop for clothes and cosmetics; now it the hardware stores.

Hi, Miki: These are small, 6 x 8", still using up leftover canvas. But I think making small art is the way to go these days, with no one having a lot of extra money laying around. How about you?

Mary Ann: Oh, isn't it fun. Sometimes when they ask me, I tell them I'm an artist looking for supplies. . . strange looks for sure.

Hi, Babs, welcome and come back often, I hope. Do you still have family or friends in the area? Do you visit? How long have you been gone?

Jazz: What's really cool is that stuff is pretty cheap. Whisk brooms, grout spreaders, chip brushes and small paint roller refills that you can cut up and use in making art. Love these places.

Ro: I'll bet there is a bunch of stuff to use for jewelry making. Those metal washers come to mind instantly. You could make some seriously funky jewelry by painting or collaging them, couldn't you?

Crystal said...

Nice discovery at the hardware store!

Your blog is such a feast. I especially enjoy the colors in these two images.


Lynette said...

Hi, Babs told me about your blog and your paintings look wonderful! I bet the hardware store would have lots of wonderful things to get amazing textures, that's a great idea!

Martha Marshall said...

The hardware store is my favorite place to discover art supplies! The guys at Ace are getting used to my poking around.

Mary Buek said...

Crystal: Thank you so much for the compliment. It means a lot coming from such an accomplished artist.

Lynette: I'm glad Babs shared with you and I hope you come back to visit the blog often. I'm going to check your blog as soon as I'm done here.

Martha: Martha, I hope your little great grandson is recovering. It just breaks my heart to hear of the little ones with such big health problems.