Thursday, March 19, 2009

. . . created accidental art

Here is another small 5"x8" piece created on foamcore using bits and pieces, tools and brushes, paint and parts left over from my larger pieces. It's a little bit dismaying that I sometimes like this accidental art better than I like the pieces I've created purposely. As usual, this piece, like the other little pieces, has just layers upon layers of stuff on it. I think this one, however, is complete now and it will be hidden away so that I won't be tempted to alter it even more. Others that I'll show you in the next few days still need some more goop added. I'm trying to figure out a clever way to mount these small pieces. They are almost too crunchy to have a mat around them.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I hide some away from myself too. It means it pleases you a lot. I think you are most intuitive when you work on small things with nothing to loose, rather than works for the market. Me too!

bridgette said...

You can attach them to a matboard, then place a mat with a window cut out around the piece. With the window being maybe 1/4 inch larger than the piece all around. or, if you need more depth...float that mat to the same level of your cruncy piece. can you tell I used to work in a frame shop? :)

Lauren Buenger said...

Aunt Mary! I never knew you had this site! It got me through a very boring day at work today!

Love, Lauren

Christine Marie said...

Ha! Those leftover accidents happen to me too...I have plenty tucked away. I love the piece, and Bridgette's suggestion for matting.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A very exciting accidental piece! ha
Bridgette had some great framing suggestions...I float my foam core pieces on matboard and then frame.

Mary Buek said...

Leslie, I totally agree with you. After seeing those videos on YouTube and working with these small pieces, I want to incorporate that intuition into my larger pieces. . . somehow. I will experiment.

Bridgette: Brilliant. I just wish I knew how to mat and frame stuff correctly.

Lauren: I'm glad you found this site, then. Anything I can do to make your workday less boring. Probably a good thing you are dating the boss, huh? He's pretty cute, too.

Christine Marie: Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think Bridgette's suggestion is something I'm going to try.

Mary Ann: The floating idea is good, too. I'm going to try it today.