Monday, March 3, 2008

. . . tried gelatin printing

I managed to flip the plate over. . .

used tissue paper, acrylic paint, brass stencil

black paint on very textured natural colored paper

paper towel cleaning off plate

I like how this turned out; acrylic paint on white gessoed tissue paper

If anyone out there is really reading this blog and has done this before, they are probably laughing their butts off, because it's pretty obvious that I have no idea what I'm doing. I am fascinated with the randomness of creating with the monoprint or gelatin print process. I'm glad the gelatin plate will last a week or so. . . I will experiment more. However, I feel I need to get to my "real work" because I need 12 new paintings by May. So it's time to quit playing and get to work. Or actually quit playing one way and get back to playing another way. I hope to integrate some of the painted, printed and prepared papers into my "real art".

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thealteredpage said...

This is a technique that I have read about and wanted to try for a while now. Your efforts have inspired me and I may just give it a go soon.