Thursday, March 20, 2008

. . . cheered the 'Hawks

I'll admit to being a basketball fan. . . but wait, let's clarify that a bit. A fan of college hoops. . . no, wait -- a fan of Kansas University basketball. And if my kids were playing, or if one of my nieces or nephews are playing. But otherwise, not a fan. My husband was a high school basketball coach for many years. I have seen enough basketball games to last anyone a lifetime. There was a period of time when my husband's teams played on Tuesday and Friday, my daughter's team played on Monday and Thursday, and my son's teams played on Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday. I didn't miss many of them. That doesn't even include driving the kids to practice and staying to watch because it was too far to go back home for an hour. Or the tournaments. Or the football, volleyball, and track events. Actually, if I never saw another sporting event, I would be okay.
Having said that, however, I do love the crimson and blue Jayhawks. I love the school, the campus, the teachers, everything about it. My husband received his teaching degree from KU and my daughter received her law degree. I have attended almost every major university in the state (KSU, Washburn, Wichita State, etc.) in all my many moves around the state, but I am determined to ultimately receive my degree from Kansas University, and someday I will . . . as soon as I take that damned algebra course.

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