Wednesday, March 26, 2008

. . . painted a photograph

Grain Elevator Abstraction, 18" x 18" mixed media on canvas

This painting was inspired by another one of my photographs of the side of a grain elevator. It came together so quickly and easily, and it looks a lot better in person. However, I'm not quite done with it. . . I want to fix it up a little bit.Check out this link to see the original photograph that was tweaked with photo-editing software:

I used to have Photoshop on my old computer -- it came with the scanner I used to have. I don't have PS on the new computer, so I have been using Picasa, as well as the editing software that is available on the Flickr site. I'm cheap, I don't want to spend the $$ for the photoshop program, so I'll probably wait and buy some piece of equipment that comes with PS.

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thealteredpage said...

This painting stands up so well on its own but to see it alongside the photo makes it an even better treasure.