Thursday, March 13, 2008

. . .planned some collages

. . . using these and some other photographs that I took this weekend. I envison something kind of "urban grungy" look to the collages, but I'm having a bit of trouble achieving that look. I have a couple of trial runs posted on flickr but I'm not happy with them. I have a lot more pictures, and I'll keep working at it until my Dell ink runs out (which I didn't know was only available from Dell until I ran out rather quickly after I received the new computer.)

I think the top picture was taken in Kansas City, Kansas near a meatpacking plant; the second and third photos were taken at a grain elevator, also in KCK on Southwest Trafficway & 7th Street Expressway; and the third was taken behind Ponack's Mexican restaurant on SW Trafficway at a crumbling brick pile of a factory that puts one in mind of a Charles Dickens novel and/or the evils of the Industrial Revolution. I don't know what it was but it sure is interesting now.

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Martha Marshall said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Mary!