Monday, April 13, 2009

. . . revisited last April

Since I still have nothing to show for my art work (because I haven't done any of it), I thought I would see what I was doing a year ago. Here is one of my April 2008 paintings. I'll do a retrospective here. . . all the new readers won't have to search througha year of blogs and all the old readers will have forgotten what I posted a year ago. This painting is long gone. . . I hope it's living with someone who likes it as much as I did.

Easter at my sister's house in Topeka. She has a beautiful home that sits on a wooded lot high up overlooking a creek. Since it was raining, the creek was moving fast, and the sound of water was peaceful. Her house is very contemporary and she has lots of wall space for art, including several of my pieces. I hope she doesn't just put mine on the wall when she knows I'm coming over to her house. The youngest of all my nieces and nephews, Chris, a high school freshman, has developed quite an interest in woodworking and using his late grandfather's tools. He and I talked about some collaborations. . . he will make the wooden objects, I will paint them. I told him to just play with scrap wood and be imaginative. I'm looking forward to seeing what he creates.

I had a call Saturday from a gallery on the Plaza asking if I had some pieces to display. All I have around the house is small art. They want my piece in one of their front windows. I want it to be one of my best, a big one, eyecatching and lively. And of course they want it tomorrow. What to do?

On the personal side, I am taking a very big step forward, I hope, today. . . I'm taking the step no matter what, I am hoping it's a step forward. I think stressing about my personal life is getting in the way of creating art, so maybe once I clear a couple of hurdles and come to terms with where I'm going, I'll be able to be productive again. And maybe I can make April 2009 as productive as April 2008.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Your painting is very strong. I like it a lot! Taking a big step to clear obstacles sounds wise. Can you get one of your big pieces off of your sister’s wall for the gallery?

~Babs said...

Great that you work in acrylic,,so little dry time. You can have something ready in a flash! Super opportunity.
Whatever your big step is, I wish you well, and hope it takes you where you want to be.

Jazz said...

I remember this piece! Not cause I was around last April, but because when I found you I went through your whole blog day by day.

Worrying about stuff is a great inspiration killer. Take the step and things will eventually fall into place.

Mary Buek said...

Thanks, you guys, for hanging around this blog and always being positive.