Wednesday, April 8, 2009

. . . did nothing artistic

yesterday. I did clean up the basement/studio a bit and the paint table is ready to rock and roll. It's almost too clean. I hate to mess it up. Still waiting for that irresistible urge to create to hit me again. It will. Not to worry (talking to myself here.) I did try to figure out how to mat and frame some small piece of my art to give to my sister as a hostess gift for having Easter at her house this year. And I went out to the garden to see if there was any damage from the hard freeze the last few nights. The only thing that I could see immediately was that some of the redbud blooms looked fried. Soon I will go out and clean up the detritus from the winter, but I'm glad I haven't done it yet, because I think the leaves and stuff kept some of the shoots from taking a hit with the freeze.

Here are a couple of reproduction posters that I have, that I will probably never use. They came out of the artist's cabinet that I purchased years ago. Do you think the original of these posters were considered porn when they were issued?

No doubt they were at least titillating, don't you think, at the turn of the 20th Century.

This lady appears to have an artistic bent. I guess painting in the nude would certainly save your clothing from becoming paint spattered. These poster/reproductions are probably only about 10 x 12 or so. I was going to list them and a bunch of other paper stuff on etsy, but honestly, it became a project involving too much time for too little return. Okay, so just call me lazy.


Miki Willa said...

Do you still have the old magazines and other papers you wrote about several weeks age? Have you decided what to do with them? Please let me know if you decide to sell them.
Did you find out how many of your works sold at the auction the other night? I am sorry I wasn't there.

~Babs said...

Aren't those posters great!
I especially love the composition of the second. It feels like a composition of my life, as I owned my own hair salon business for a hundred years,,,and my art.

Maybe your muse is on vacation,,, mine travels frequently. But doesn't it feel great to have accomplished so much making way for her return? I love a clean space, and find that when it becomes too jumbled, so does the work.

Mary Buek said...

Miki: I have everything; I haven't sold a thing. I don't have any idea what to charge for the stuff. If you want something that you have seen, please let me know. No, I haven't found out if anything sold at the auction. . . until I know, I'm going with "no news is good news."

Babs: I would be happy to send you that poster if you will email your address. My motto: it's not doing anyone any good sitting in the basement, right?