Wednesday, December 2, 2009

. . . sold some supplies

Yep, cleaning out the basement/studio. This time it's serious. I ask myself: Do I want to move this? If the answer is no, the next question is: Sell, give away, pitch? What I'm showing here is some of the stuff I'm selling. I already pitched 12 big garbage of junk (truly not usuable in any form) with the help of Alex, my 8th grade neighbor. What a nice young man. Above are years of Somerset Studio magazines, Cloth Paper Scissors, etc.

Bunches of vintage papers purchased at estate sales years ago. I was never able to create anything vintage to my satisfaction.

Old games. I also got these at estate sales. They looked like fun. Never got around to it.

Just a small small portion of watch parts. Are these what are used in "steampunk?"

Just a glimpse of vintage jewelry. I was really into beading and jewelry making for a while. My plan on these was to take them apart and reassemble the parts into whole pieces. I didn't have the patience for it.

Craig's List is pretty amazing. I've had more than ten inquiries since last night. I wish etsy were like that. I think the word "CHEAP" was the Craig's List main attraction. Because I'm almost giving this stuff away.

I am chagrined at the amount of time and money I have spent on these various activities. Oh, and if anyone sees anything they might want, let me know. Make an offer, I don't have any idea on what to price these.


Rebecca said...

I would be interested in your box of watch parts. Perhaps we could talk privately via email? Rebecca

Jazz said...

Your basement is a treasure trove.

Miki Willa said...

I am very interested in the vintage paper and the Somerset magazines. I will email you and see what we can come up with.

Gina said...

Hi Mary,
You might think about selling these items on Etsy. I’ve seen supplies, books, magazines and such under the categories called “destach.” Others would fit in “vintage,” “books and zines,” “jewelry” “supplies,” and such. You have quite a lot of items, so don’t sell them or yourself short! Best of Luck.

Coffee Messiah said...

Hi ya......I'm always in the market for paper and toy stuff. Using the $10.00 priority box, you can put a lot in there.

If I don't find your email, mine is in my profile box.

Too bad you can't use it all....

Mary Buek said...

Rebecca: The watch parts are gone, all sold. Very popular. Sorry.

Jazz: Yep, it sure is. Wish you could come over and share the treasures.

Miki: Got you email. Will reply.

Gina: I have seen the supplies on etsy, but I decided it was a lot of effort to photograph each item individually, post it, wait for someone to see it and buy it, and then mail it out. It's a cost-benefit analysis, and Craigslist won. But thanks for thinking of me.

Hi, Coffee: You are right about that. Are you interest in anything specific? Email is mary c buek at aol dot com