Friday, November 27, 2009

. . . had a family

. . . Thanksgiving feast. Everyone from my extended family came except for my sister's family from Pennsylvania. So, sorry, Amanda and Elizabeth, you'll have to get in the next family picture. When my brothers and sisters and I were young, we had many pictures taken on the gorgeous old staircase in my parents' house. The tradition continued last night. I think Stef and Andy were trying to get a shot for their Christmas cards; I can almost assure you that this one won't make the cut.

And then the next generation took their places on the staircase at my house. They are all young adults now. My brother-in-law remarked that when he married my sister, there was only one grandchild, my daughter Stephanie. Now look at all of them.

Top row: Christopher and Katie; next row: Ali, Betsy, Hannah and Lauren; next row: Joey on Stephanie's lap, Nora on Andy's lap, and Sean; bottom: Matt and John. Quite a good looking crew, and with their parents, a wonderful family to have.

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Lauren said...

Oh, Aunt Mary! I had such fun! All the pictures turned out so funny, so fitting for a bunch of goons, huh?!