Monday, December 7, 2009

. . .pitched and tossed

I make it sound as though I were out at sea in a desperate storm. Not really, I'm still working my way through my basement/studio. I knew when I asked my (ex)husband if he would help me clean it, and he answered, "I didn't make that mess, you know," that I was on my own. . . not really too surprising under the circumstances. The picture above shows the only piece of art that I have touched in a couple of weeks. . . it's a start, but I can't seem to get past this stage at this time. I keep getting sidetracked, finding back wonderful stuff and having to make fateful decisions as to the disposition of the fabulous stuff.

Like this shelf of old books (well, maybe not the Reader's Digest.) It's one of three shelves of old books, pamphlets, etc. I can't bear to part with them right now. Maybe later.

And what about this old lens testing kit? I love it, love it, love it, even though I will never make the collaged pendants that I had planned. The box itself is wonderful.

This picture shows a bit of the mess I will tackle today. I know, I should be ashamed that it ever got to this point. I watched a show, "Hoarders" yesterday on TV. . . this could be a segment on that show. At least this is just a small space. There's a scoop shovel in my plans for this week.

But here's a part that's been cleared and organized. Christmas ornaments and Santa collection culled to two or three crates; Halloween stuff in one-plus bin. Not sure I will put up the big tree this year, or the big heavy lit wreath that usually hangs in the beautiful arched window above the front door. I'm a bit of a Scrooge this year. I was invited to a cookie exchange Saturday night, which required that I make a couple dozen cookies. Unfortunately I fell asleep waiting for a concoction that was supposed to take an hour to bake. It wasn't burned too badly. . . I cut out the bad bits. I probably never be invited back.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

In the jumble picture I spy many treasures and I love the lens kit too! Keep what you love, Mary. Congratulations on all your progress.

Jazz said...

Wow, that lens testing kit is beyond cool.

Watching the purge, I'm inspired to do it myself...

The Artist Within Us said...

I can understand the the situation you are in, as I myself face maybe an ever bigger task.

It is truly difficult to part with things we have cared for for so long, especially items purchased with care that we had hoped to use in our art. It feels like we failed and our dreams or hopes were never realized.

I did read and view the images of your previous post with al the items and the decisions you are making, that all I can say, is that I wish you good luck and maybe pass along my criteria for deciding what stays or goes.

If I have not seen it in years, it goes. If it no longer fits into my style art, it goes.

Best wishes,

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

The lens kit is phenomenal and irreplaceable --- keep it! Wish I was a tad closer, as I would help you, just so I could see some of these treasures!

Martha Marshall said...

Mary, you know I have just recently been through this. These decisions will be made for you if your house suddenly sells. And they're not necessarily the best decisions.

The library started to dread seeing my husband coming with yet another van load of books.

Artist friends said they would come by to go through the treasures. Some did and some didn't.

So at the end, we put things out at the curb and they miraculously disappeared.

I think I'd like to have your ephemera collection. Let's talk!

Good luck with everything. Good things await.


Coffee Messiah said...

I know, however long or short it takes, it will be freeing to put this episode of your life behind you.
I was there, different circumstances I'm sure, in the 80s with a 5 yr old.

Tried to email but it came back.

Your plate is full and know creativity will resurrect soon, and that will help in the long run I'm sure!

My best to ya!

rivergardenstudio said...

You have some amazing treasures... I love the lens kit and the watch bits... and your art is wonderful... roxanne

Mary Buek said...

Leslie: Do you spy anything you want in particular? After seeing the book artists on your blog the past two times, I see many hinged wooden boxes or partitioned pieces that would be amazing for book arts. I would love to see what you could come up with. Let me know.

Jazz: It does feel good, to get rid of or at least just find back things you had forgotten about. I have everything in the basement studio cleaned up that belongs to me. The rest will have to have the attention to someone else in the family. Now I don't have to worry about what potential home buyers think.

Egmont: I'm glad you commented; good advice, too, which I kind of adapted for myself. It's weird. . . I have absolutely no trouble decluttering and ridding my home of extraneous stuff. But it is a bit difficult to part with some of the art things, because you're right, it feels like failure. I still have way too much. I think I'm doing it in phases.

Karen: I wish you could come and take home everything you wanted. Have you dug out from the blizzard yet?

Martha: I followed your move on your blog, and honestly took some comfort and advice from it. It's a good thing that I have some time to get rid of stuff. Are you interested in something you have seen? I'd be happy to send it to you.

Coffee: I htink I finally received your email, and I will be in touch. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

Roxanne: Art? What art? I haven't done a damn thing in weeks. And I miss it. But thank you so much.

Sherry said...

I love love love peeking into all your "Stuff." That lens case is marvelous. Keep it until the right moment arrives, as it will.

Anonymous said... wonder the house hasn't sold!