Monday, December 28, 2009

. . . expect big changes

It's been a long time since I last posted and a lot has happened in that time.

Right before Christmas, Walter the Art Guy left a message: four paintings out on approval, maybe a check after the first of the year; representation here in Kansas City at relocating Park Place Gallery in the Crossroads District; and he needs more paintings. All good. I have been so busy making outfits for Betsy and Nora for Christmas that I haven't done any "art" for a while. I came to think of my fashion creations as wearable collages. Now I need to get some work done that's not so wearable.

Last Tuesday, my mom slipped, fell and broke her wrist and tore up her arm, 20 stitches and a cast. At any age, that's a bad deal, but at 82, it's frightening for her. I think she'll be all right, but she's impatient, wants to get back to doing what she's always done. Also last Tuesday I had a job interview, went back on Wednesday for another interview, and was offered the job. Starting in two days, I will be an assistant in the trust department of a bank. Tomorrow I go in for orientation. Different environment for me, but very similar to the work that I used to do. Benefits, I hope, and a regular paycheck will help the dire financial situation, supplemented by any art that I can sell. I have had a good run of being master of my own time, enjoyed every second of it, and will miss my freedom. But it's time for a change.

I left Wednesday noon to go to my mother's house for the holiday. The first thing I see when I get to town is there's a brand new Sonic restaurant on the east side of town, basically in the parking lot of the relatively brand new grocery store there. Wow, that's big, especially since there's another Sonic on the west side of the main street, only about a mile away. Later I find out that the west side Sonic will become something else. Still only one Sonic in town, and still no street lights.

Thursday is cold, rain turning into sleet turning into snow. But my brother Steve, the unrepentant junker, and his son Chris, who has been raised in that fine tradition, picked me up and off we went to the metal recycling centers. I was looking for photographs, Chris was looking for automotive details to decorate his "man cave" in the garage, and Steve was just along for the ride. It was so cold that my camera would only work for a few minutes outside. When we finally gave up on hopping in and out of the Jeep, Chris took us on a tour of the town so I can see all the new stuff and also what has happened to the old stuff. My brother and I did a lot of "Didn't the Jones's used to live there? Who lives there now?"

The blizzard arrived Thursday afternoon, along with Matt, my son. My sister and her family and my aunt and uncle didn't even attempt to come for Christmas eve. Church services were cancelled for Christmas eve and Christmas day. I was just happy to know everyone was safe. It was a quiet and peaceful Christmas eve. . . with my brothers and I remembering what we did when we were kids waiting for Santa. The younger generation was probably pretty bored, and they all had their cellphones in hand, but they are all wonderful kids and I so enjoyed hearing about what was going on in their lives. The snow continued all through Christmas day.

I headed home on Saturday; the sun was shining, the snow had quit. The road going east had some drifting, but it wasn't too bad. The interstate going north was clear. . . until I got within two miles of my exit. It starting snowing again, the road was snowpacked, and traffic was iffy. I finally got home but there was so much snow I couldn't pull into the driveway. Yesterday I shoveled a path to the garage. And I started painting. It seems more important to use my leisure time for creating now that I will have less of it. And besides, it's fun.

The picture at the top of this post is one from Thursday's junk expedition. I actually got quite a few shots that have already inspired the beginnings of two new paintings. Wish me luck on my new venture, and remind me to keep making my art no matter what.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I see a snow man in your photograph. Do you see him too? I am so Pleased for you Mary, that you got the job! Even though they take time, jobs provide us with options of other kinds. No matter what, keep making art. And Congratulations on your art sales. How validating that is!

Margaret Ryall said...

Lots of new changes in your life Mary. Change can be exciting and lead to all sorts of new options. I look forward to hearing how things work out as you balance a career and painting.

José Brito said...

Health to you and to all his family.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas and the New Year will be very successful.
Their images are Fantata, high quality and very inspiring.
Great sense of composition, balance and good taste.
A Good Year with health, peace, joy, love and lots of painting.

Jeane said...

wow! Mary - huge changes - eventually they will work in tandem for you, but a whole lot of stuff to manage right now - so excited for you and wishing you the extreme best in 2010 :)

Catherine said...

YAY! 2010 is bound to be better - right? I'm so happy that things are turning around a bit for job, art sales and the promise of new beginnings!

Coffee Messiah said...

Amazing to go back to where you used to live. I can't imagine what it's like now in the bay area after being away for over 12 yrs ; (

Hope your mom mends quickly and as for creativity, don't ever let it go.
It nurtures more than any job could!