Sunday, February 27, 2011

. . . Betsy came over

Since Monday was a holiday for both Betsy and me, we spent the day together. Betsy and Joe are convinced that my new house is either haunted or has been invaded by a mysterious "rodent, either human or animal" (per Betsy; and yes, I have known human rodents) and since the idea of a haunted house gives them nightmares, they have decided to detect and rid me of my rodent.

So when Betsy came to my house on Monday, she had an old-fashioned makeup case stuffed with things she would need to detect the rodent: a digital camera (kiddy-style); notebooks, pens, penlight; etc. She took pictures of anything that looked suspicious: tracks, the doggie door in the basement, the mysterious hose that turned itself on and spewed water all over the back yard, the puddle of water on the basement floor (because, "you know, Nana, not all urine is yellow." I don't want to know how she knows that.)

When she could reach no logical conclusion as to what was creeping around my house, she decided she wanted to "screen paint" and screen paint she did. Then she really got into using different things around the basement to make textures. When she wasn't painting, eating at Burger King, or picking out 20 books for me to buy her so she could give them to her teacher (which didn't happen), she was writing a book for Joey on the computer. What a kid.

When we got back to Betsy's house, Joe was very excited. In his art class that day, he had made me a rodent trap. Actually, he really did a very good job for the 3-year-old. You could tell he had put some thought into it. It was a paper trap with three sides, like an A-frame house, with the back fixed in place and a flap on the front for the rodent to enter. It was taped up securely. He was so proud and I was very impressed. He has a career in architecture or pest control in his future.

Remember always to play like little kids at the serious business of making art.


Anonymous said...

"Remember always to play like little kids
at the serious business of making art."

What a great line!

Sure sounds like you all had fun
...inspite of the haunted rat thing!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

This made my day! Betsy Nancy Drew and her side kick Joe. Just so precious!!!

artistamyjo said...

What fun,we have a mouse that's trap proof. No matter what we put in the trap,it's gone but no mouse. Even tried different traps. He's a genius!
Hugs, Amy

Luthien said...

Hi Mary :)
Just wanted to let you know that you won one of my giveaways :) can you mail me your address ...

luthien :)

Lauren said...

Those children never cease to amaze me. I'm certain I will never meet any other kids with as much intellect as your grandchildren! Has Joey told you how excited he is to wear a tux yet? I miss you Aunt Mary, we should do lunch sometime!


bicocacolors said...

Mary thanks for visiting, I could find this treasure, I'm absolutely in love with your artworks!!
love love looove all them
congratulations and I wish you a happy happy weekend!