Sunday, January 10, 2010

. . . studied junkyard photos

Since my Christmas visit back home and my jaunt to the junkyard in the sleet with my brother and nephew, I have painted five small pieces. They are all inspired by the photos I took at the junkyard. This painting is small, no larger than 8"x 8", on canvas. I tore up some small strips of leftover canvas and embedded them in gesso. There was a wooden type Q sitting on my bookshelf, so I incorporated several impressions. These are all "studies" for bigger pieces. I really enjoy working in this small size. I feel more free, more creative, more likely to try something different or new. And if something works when it's small, I'll feel more comfortable trying to translate it into a larger piece.

I hope everyone is keeping warm. This cold weather we've had is ridiculous. Three degrees below zero this morning. I thought for a while yesterday my furnace had finally given up and gone to furnace heaven, but no, it was just a filter problem. I guess all my cleaning up in the studio had clogged a relatively new filter. Dodged a bullet on that one. Two women who had relieved me of part of my stash before Christmas came again yesterday and took home more supplies. They showed me a couple of crazy quilt heart ornaments they had made from fabric they bought in December. The hearts were wonderful, beaded and embroidered. Great job, ladies.


Nancy Natale said...

Great work! This piece looks like a very big painting - hard to carry off in an 8x8 format. Congratulations!

Jazz said...

I love this painting 635 ways to Monday. Wow!!!

Seth said...

Great, great piece. Looks like you tore if off a wall!!

Mary Buek said...

Nancy: Thank you. For me, it is harder to do it big. Small is duck soup.

Jazz: Email me with your home address for a surprise.

Seth: Thank you, that's what I was going for. High praise from an expert in this genre, as far as I'm concerned.