Wednesday, January 20, 2010

. . . shared my view

outside my office building, in the alley, by the back door. Taken during my lunch hour, honest.


Lauren said...

Oh, Aunt Mary, I love this!!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

It's just itching to be a painting!

Jazz said...

And this will be turned into a painting.... when? ;-)

layers said...

When I first saw this I thought it was one of your paintings-- it is one of those incredible images that nature and weathering and change can bring into being.

Teri said...

Mary--This looks like it belongs on my wall, along with the other two pieces that I have of yours. Great stuff. Keep it up.

Miki Willa said...

I see a great painting in the works.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, grab some spray paint and tag it!

Amy said...

I love that you are finding beauty in the "dotte". I am so glad that my view is also now your view.

Mary Buek said...

Hi, all commenters. See where "Amy" commented? She just happens to be my new boss and she's pretty cool. I'm glad to have landed in a place where everyone is so helpful and friendly. . . that accounting software is just starting to make some sense. I just hope they don't get tired of me asking questions and/or screwing things up.

Lauren, thanks. Sorry you didn't need my chairs. I notice that you have discovered KaBoom cleaner. That is pretty good stuff. You are too funny. Interesting what becomes important when you grow up, isn't it?

Yep, Leslie, it sure is.

Jazz, soon, I think.

Donna, I am always amazed at what time and nature can do to objects to make them beautiful.

Teri, thanks so much for your etsy purchases, and if I can, I definitely will make something based on this photo for my etsy store.

Miki: I too see a painting; how great it will be is another question.

Anonymous: Are you kidding??? It's hard enough to find some good decaying walls without graffiti on it already. I couldn't improve on this.

Amy, the "dotte" is definitely growing on me. It's real, and gritty and interesting and diverse and so far I've enjoyed it immensely. And thank you for allowing me to share your view.