Sunday, October 11, 2009

. . . painted a companion

piece to my previous painting. A really dark and highly textured companion. Same size, same experiment, slightly different results.

The weather has turned chilly, and that has brought a visitor. . . a huge mouse (well, it looked huge to me, but was probably just a normal mouse) ran from somewhere in the kitchen through the eating space while I sat at the kitchen island reading the paper and having my coffee. On two different days. The exact same route. It creeps me out to know I'm sharing my space with that thing, so I purchased some new-fangled nonpoisonous traps to catch it without having to actually look at or touch a dead mouse. I have set the traps in the most obvious places but so far no trapped mouse. The little plastic container is supposed to indicate a catch with a red arrow, at which point you toss the entire trap in the trash. I probably should just borrow Georgia, the neighbors' cat, for a couple of days, and let her handle the problem.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

We have three cats and the mice come in to the garage - its warm, there is bird seed and yuck! What a mess to clean up. I don't have ill will towards mice - just to living with them! We have frost on the pumpkin this morning and are enjoying a fire this morning. I have to go turn on the heat in the studio - it will be cold out there! I am enjoying your creative experiments Mary.

layers said...

the textures look so deep and dark and layered..
no suggestions on the mouse problem..

Lauren said...

:O! Aunt Mary, when I lived in Lawrence I had a mouse in my bedroom at my apartment one night... I cured my fear of it with a bottle of champagne. It worked, I slept like a baby and i never saw the mouse again!

Anonymous said...

for God's sake woman 'that thing' is just a mouse not a moose.

Take a pill.

Mary Buek said...

Hi, Leslie: Yeah, I don't have any animosity toward mice in general; it's just when they come inside that they bug me. I never thought about the bird seed. I have some in my garage, too. Maybe that's where they are coming from.

Donna: Thanks for visiting my blog and being such a faithful commenter.

Lauren: A toast to the mouse. That's a pretty good solution, you goofy kid. Of course you probably didn't realize the mouse was dancing on your bed.

Anonymous: I would rather deal with a moose than a mouse anyday. I think.