Saturday, July 11, 2009

. . . welcomed new granddaughter

My daughter Stephanie and her husband Andy welcomed Nora Jane to the world on Thursday, July 9, 2009, at 12:48 p.m. She weighed 8 lbs, 11 ozs, 20 inches long, and has long legs and strawberry blonde hair. I haven't been able to determine any specific family resemblence, but she's a little cutie. Betsy is looking forward to having Nora and Mom home from the hospital today; Joey seems to have forgotten all about it. In fact, when asked, Joey tells me Nora's name is "Sloan Mayfield." They met Nora at the hospital Thursday night. Things have sure changed since I had Stef. My little sister (14 at the time) sneaked into my hospital room to see the new baby, got caught by a grouchy nurse and was lectured harshly about how she brought germs into the environment that could have been the cause of the demise of the entire nursery. Traumatic for Ann, no doubt. Betsy and Joe spent most of yesterday at Nana's house, being spoiled (watching TV, drinking Dr. Pepper, having all the gum they could possibly want, playing with the water hose. "Don't tell Mommy and Daddy.") Tonight, Betsy and I are going to see "High School Musical" at the Theater in the Park. Just a girl's night out.

The painting above is 16 x 16" and is one that I have complete in the last week. One of the benefits of stretching my canvases is that I can hang them up in the house until my art guy picks them up. And speaking of art guy, he has arranged a show at a new gallery in the area, supposedly the biggest one in town, for the middle of August. Good deal, but now we need to sell something. In fact, a lot of somethings.

Pictures of the new baby will soon appear on this blog, no doubt. Everyone, have a great weekend.


Jeane said...

oh, Mary - congratulations on your new grandaughter - what a blessing - and what a fabulous grandma you are - everytime I read about your adventures with your grandchildren, I think, how luck they are - they will never forget time spent with you - I really like this painting and I just love the name Nora, don't you?

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Nora Jane - Sloan Mayfield – same same to little Joey! I am so glad you wrote that story down! They will laugh about it someday, and no doubt the young man called Joe won’t have a clue where he came up with Sloan Mayfield!
Love the new painting! It is nice to hang them around the house, isn’t it? I wish this painting of yours was hanging around my house!
Congratulations on your new granddaughter Mary. How fortunate to have such a great family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember when I poisoned all the babies in the nursey! The pictures that Andy sent were adorable. Nora looks just like Betsy and Joe did when they were born. I loved the photo of Joe squeezing Nora! You got a bunch of cuties there. Have fun with your girls night out.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on your new addtion to your family.

Catherine said...

Wonderful news, Mary. Can't wait to see pix of your new granddaughter!

Miki Willa said...

Congrats on the new granddaughter! Grandchildren are such a wonderful gift.
I really like this painting. The colors are rich, and the composition is exciting. Your work is so great. It is great that the art guy has found another place to show it.

Jazz said...

Congratulations on the new granddaughter. And good luck with the show. I love that painting.

Seth said...

Congrats to the whole family!!

Mary Buek said...

Jeane: What a nice comment. I hope the little ones have happy memories of their time spent with me. I know I do.

Leslie: How true, it will be fun to go back someday and recall the things that happened. Do you ever wonder just exactly how these computer generated thoughts will be shared with others when the babies are grown up? What will take the place of computers?

Hi, Anna, you child endangerer, you. Do you really think Nora looks like B & J? I'm not seeing it. She can sleep through anything, including the wild children.

Anon: Thank you.

Catherine, she's definitely a peach.

Miki: Thanks for the nice comment. I appreciate it a lot.

Jazz: I'm happy that you like the painting. I hope someone else will like it enough to buy it.

Seth, thank you.

Lauren said...

I can't wait to meet my new cousin!! Pictures Pictures Please!!!