Monday, July 27, 2009

. . . just kept painting

Ah, a sigh of relief. The house is officially on the market, on the computer, the sign is out front, everything is spit-shined, more or less. Even the basement has a path cleared to the major household equipment. The handyman will return this morning to complete a few tasks, the deck will be finished today, and the electrician came Friday. I have lived on the golf course for eight years now, and until last week, had never had any damage from flying golf balls. Of course, last week one came whizzing through and broke a window so that will be fixed tomorrow.
The next thing I will concentrate on now will be getting a real job. . . resume is completed but I need to fine-tune it. Apparently you should have different resumes for different jobs. Thank God for computers. And you can't apply in person or by snail mail any more; you must apply on line. I am just an old dinosaur when it comes to this . . .
At least while I was clearing out the basement, I had some time to make a few small paintings, just kind of playing around, having fun with leftover canvas. The one above is 14 x 16" on stretched canvas. I will have plenty of art on the walls should anyone decide to look at the house.


Jazz said...

Wow, you're really getting things done!


Lauren said...

Oh, Aunt Mary! I will miss your house, just as I miss the old blue one. i remember helping you move into this house and getting lost with grandma getting out of your neighborhood. You think Tamia and Albert will ever be able to locate your new place once you have it? I think they are just figuring out how to find this one! I'm sure this new chapter will hold just as many memories though! Let me know if you need any help packing and/or moving! Love you!

mamadoc said...

Hey there,
I stone-cold loved the tryptich (just saw it below) and like this also. If there is any justice, I'll be asking for your autograph by next year.

Anna said...

Wow, Good Luck selling your house. It's beautiful and I'm sure your artwork will be a definite asset. Wish I could be there to help you move too.

Catherine said...

you are on a roll! Who will be able to resist your beautified house, your cutting edge resume(s)and your creative array of life/work experience and expert problem-solving?!!

I can't resist this new painting! Lots of exclamation points!!!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Way to go Mary! And Lauren, you are one great niece! Way to go Lauren!

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I love, love, love this painting!

Mary Buek said...

Jazz, I'm exhausted. I don't ever want to move or clean anything again.

Lauren: I will miss the house, too, especially since it was big enough for Thanksgiving dinners and Easter brunches with everyone. Those were fun. I loved having everyone over. Albert will never be able to find where anyone lives. thanks for your offer of help, I sure appreciate it and I may well take you up on it. By the way, can you find me a job?

Mamadoc, you can have my autograph right now. And guess what, there is no justice. Oh, I'm just joking. Look for lengthy email soon, went to the bookstore yesterday and had an experience I will tell you about.

Anna, are you crazy, don't wish you could help me move, it will be a disaster. Stevie offered to bring the whole gang to town to help, too. Actually, it could turn into quite a party, couldn't it? Hope the girls had a great birthday. I can't believe they're 19.

Oh, Catherine, thank you so much. As to cutting-edge, more like torn and tattered edge. Along with the resumes, my new strategy is asking for a job at every single place I go. I may be bagging groceries next week.

Leslie: I totally agree, Lauren is a great great niece. She is a real sweetheart.

Karen, thank you. As I'm cleaning I put away things I think I will use in making the collages for the swap. I can't wait to have things calm down a bit so I can get to work on them.

A rambling rose said...

I love the blue paintings and you have been so busy with the house - inspirational - My house went on the market here in the UK a month ago and I sold it in 3 weeks!!! So there you go - even in this present economic climate it is possible to sell a house quickly (if it's meant to be!!!) All the best for your sale!

José Brito said...

Hello Mary,

Congratulations on the excellent work.
This is a painting well built, with a balanced color palette.
Congratulations for this new stage of life.
Do not neglect your natural talent for painting.
Yours, José Brito