Friday, July 31, 2009

. . . moved my couch

Comment by realtor after showing: "The downstairs seemed too small for client's entertaining needs" and something about moving out some of my furniture to make the space appear larger. After some thought, I rearranged the greatroom/family room, reduced the seating at the table, took out an arm chair and a small end table. True, the place does appear to be more spacious.

My friend helped me move some furniture around. When we moved the couch, I was so embarrassed. . . dust bunnies (what would be even bigger than bunnies? dust kangaroos?), chex mix remains, potato chips, gum wrappers, just general dirt, etc. . . it was awful. My friend started sneezing. She is almost pathologically compulsive about her clean house. I looked like a real slacker. I guess it would be safe to say that the carpet cleaners didn't move the couch last month. And apparently I haven't either for a long long time.

My horoscope tells me to work at home today, so that's what I will do. . . downstairs to paint. Just the encouragement I needed. The painting above is a 12 x 12" prestretched canvas that already had lots of layers on it. After covering it with gesso, I started over. It was my "second painting," the one that sits by the side of the real painting I'm working on, and receives the extra paint from it. Again, just playing around, having fun.


Jazz said...

I don't dare move my couch. I'm sure whatever is under there is alive by now and might attack me.

Mary Buek said...

Jazz, the possibility of living things under the couch is exactly what I used to dream about when I was a kid.