Wednesday, July 29, 2009

. . . visited a gallery

Since there was a showing and a realtor open house yesterday at 11:00, I took advantage of having to be out of the house to go to the Park Place Gallery that will feature my art in August. It's a new, large and wonderful gallery in the Park Place shopping area. I introduced myself to the folks that manage the place and had a long and interesting talk with them. I look forward to being with them again in August.

After that, I wandered around some of the other stores in the shopping center. Annabelle's is a high-end bedding and home accessories store. I really thought that with all my cleaning and clearing to get ready to sell the house, I had passed the acquisition stage of my life. But oh, my, the beautiful things in that store made me lust for more. . . plush towels, sheets and bedding, throws, scented candles and creams, sensuous lounging clothing, baby clothes in the softest imaginable textures. I had to get out of there. . . no way would I be tempted by a $52 candle.

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I had put a stack of my business cards on the counter at my house and wrote a note saying that all art on the walls was for sale. (Actually, as far as I'm concerned, everything in the whole house is for sale, except for the pictures of my grandchildren. . . see "acquisition stage" above) One of the realtors was still at the house when I got home. She, too, is an artist, and she had just started experimenting with abstracts and acrylics. What fun it was to talk with her. Then, to cap off the day, Stephanie brought Joey and baby Nora over to visit while Betsy went with her Aunt Amy to the movies. Holding a baby is the most comforting and affirming and soothing activity ever. And Joe, well, he is just incomparable. That is one joyous kid. I am so lucky.


Jazz said...

$52 dollars for a candle?!?

Who would pay that price for a candle?

Anna said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I just saw some adorable photos of Nora, Joey and Betsy. They are three of the cutest kids. Can't wait to see all of them and to hold Nora! Good Luck with the art show and the "home show."

Margaret Ryall said...

I think that one of the greatest enjoyments in life is just looking. I often go into stores that have objects of great visual and sensual appeal even when I know I will probably not buy anything. Such trips fill my senses and add to my life as an artist.

Self promotion is a must to move your career along. It doesn't come easily to me.

mamadoc said...

This s perhaps my favorite of your works to date. Cool and lively.

Mary Buek said...

Jazz, I KNOW...and then poof, it's gone.

Hey, Anna, if you don't come home soon, you might be able to see Nora graduate from high school. Is that Joey just the orneriest looking little boy you ever saw? And Betsy, well, she's a piece of work. Nora is starting to get her own look, too. Did you see the picture of Joey in the Krispy Kreme hat? Didn't that remind you of Dad?

Margaret: What a great way to look at these adventures. Maybe I should just quit looking at price tags and being horrified and just enjoy the "visual and sensual appeal."

Mamadoc: Thank you. This was almost an accidental painting. But I like it too.